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My reel, containing work done while at Side Effects Software in Toronto.


I’m using a Houdini surface simulation (Ripple solver) driven by particles to produce this water ripple effect. A nice sunset HDR with clouds rendered with PBR adds some extra realism to the rain.

So as an intern at Side Effects Software, I was asked to come up with some clouds as part of the logo for Houdini’s Cloud computing capabilities. Along with Scott Keating (a fellow intern), we came up with this image, which you can also see at:

Scott led the art direction of the image and did the primary lighting while I simulated and manually modeled the clouds and volumetric effects.

I used the default Pyro FX tools to generate a basic flame from a sphere in Houdini.
I then used this simulation to advect particles sourced from the same sphere, copied metaballs (with a random scale) onto these particles. Then ran the Pyro FX tools to generate a second fire sim. This produced the effect of flames licking over the sphere rather than just being sourced from it. Seed vorticles were used in both sims.

This is my first attempt at a burn/disintegrate solver. At the moment it is only changing the colour of points via a heat attribute which spreads at each timestep. But in theory it could deform or delete geometry. Lots of tweaking and development to go.

My first attempt at motion matching using PFTrack.

A Houdini ripple simulation driven by a particle POP with metaballs.

This effect was produced using Houdini’s Ripple DOPs.